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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 24, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> gregg: a dangerous developing standoff. mass demonstrations and protestors battling riot police. rallying against a sudden power grab against the islamist president. >> heather: i'm heather childers. here is a live look at tahrir square. group of hard-core demonstrators vowing to stay until until mohammed morsi invokes a decree
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granting himself absolute power. this is how bad the violence got. thousands clashing with police and morsi supporters and new pressure on the president to back down and fear that violence will flare up. steve? >> reporter: the number of those tents put up by protestors has grown. they are intent to stay there throughout the week but the number of protestors on the street has declined dramatically over the last 24 hours. on late friday there were up to 40,000 people on the square. the protests did turn violent here in cairo and other cities. buildings torched. police cars torched. a lot of tear gas and pepper spray in the shutdowns between protestors and security forces. and morsi and the top justices.
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many chief justices here in cairo and across the country they will no longer to go work until the president repeals his decrease for a power grab. we're seen what could be a show down on the streets. that is when supporters on tuesday and saying that he is trying to be a dictator will face off. both opponents and supporters of the president hauling out people and major marches expected on tuesday. >> heather: steve, thank you. >> gregg: contest in the background on egypt's president morsi. he was elected in june of this year after a revolution overthrowing president hosni mubarak. he is head 6 muslim brotherhood. he is the first freely elected president and first islamist to be head of an arab state. they accuse him of trying to
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monopolize powers, the courts and media and parliament and in the end, sharia law, imposing strict islamic principles. >> heather: it raises new questions coming one day after egypt help broker a cease-fire in the gaza strip. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton joined us earlier to weigh in saying it's no coincidence. >> he didn't wait but one day before moving here. so whether he had a wink and a nod from president obama or whether whether he felt emboldened in the wake of the cease-fire to believe the u.s. would not criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think we'll have to find out in the next few days. the timing is not coincidental. you can bet on that. >> heather: coming up the latest reaction from the white house to the turmoil in egypt.
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we will have a live report from washington. >> gregg: new signs of tough challenges ahead for gaza. number two leader of hamas now saying the group will not stop arming itself. a commented suggesting that indirect negotiations on the border deal could be very difficult. in the meantime, life at the gaza strip returning to normal after the week long strikes. tens of those of children heading back to school. cease-fire appears to be holding. conner powell with more on that. >> reporter: this is still fragile cease-fire. it is important to point out that the cease-fire is holding but still massive challenges has to be dealt with. israel and hamas will send representatives to cairo to continue negotiations through the mediators. later this next couple of days or so probably starting on monday, but there is talks from hamas saying they will continue
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to rearm and continue to fight, but right now the cease-fire is holding as part of the agreement. israel said they will ease the blockade around gaza, but israel wants guarantees for security because these are two of the really big points that will be worked out in the coming days. still, life in the holy land is beginning to return to some type of normal life here. schools are reopening on both sides of the border. yesterday. israeli children went back to school in southern israel. this coming as stores and markets are reopening and in gaza, palestinian children returned to school for the first time in more than a week. this comes after the rockets and missiles have stopped. there are some signs of legally progress. also we are hearing that palestinian officials in gaza are being able to go out and take boats out and say the fishermen are able to take their boats out.
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there are positive signs, also most of the israeli troops that begin to mass along the border they have withdrawn from that area. border is being paroled by hamas and israeli troops but a much smaller contingent. all signs of progress in terms of keeping this cease-fire going forward. there are some big issues to be dealt with in the coming days. there is a real concern that this fragile cease-fire could be broken up with any type of flare-up of violence. we will be watching over the next days and weeks. >> gregg: conner, thank you. >> heather: u.s. to the ambassador to the u.n. susan rice blaming the intelligence committee for her claim that the benghazi consulate attack grew out of a protest over an anti-muslim film. that is before the truth emerged that was coordinated attack carried out consulate security
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asked for more protection. she is responding why she repeated her initial assessment on five different talk shows just before the election. >> when discussing the attacks against in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. >> heather: let's bring in bob cusack managing editor of the hill. it wasn't me, it was them. is that good enough to get her off the hook for going before the five sunday talk shows repeating and saying it was a spontaneous protest against an anti-islamic film. that is enough? >> i think susan rice is not going to get all the blame.
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this administration has said contradictory things, don't blame the messenger, these are not lines in a play. when you appear on the five sunday shows and make those claims, you are putting your credibility on the line. the problem here is if she is nominated to replace hillary clinton the media as well as fox news and libyan president was saying it was an act of terrorism and the white house was saying different things on that. that is the problem here. if president obama no, ma'am niats rice we'll have a bruising confirmation process. >> we know in the initial assessment that was put in the initial report and the language was softened. president obama said that she had nothing to do with benghazi, a quote, so why was she is person to answer the initial question. do you think it may have been
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she knew he was anxious to get that nomination for secretary of state and would go along with the talking points unquestioned? >> i think it's a very good question. that is what republicans in congress are asking. why would you put somebody out there that doesn't have a direct involvement in it. and obama by strongly defending her at that press conference, he has boxed himself in. if he does nominate her, he is picking a fight with congress or if he backs down, if he doesn't nominate her he will look weak. >> heather: way tonight take a look at this. it was opinion piece by maureen dowd. rice should have realized when a gang showed up with mortars known as hotbed of sympathizers and islamic training camps...
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zbleelts that raises two good questions. why didn't she realize there had to be something more to this attack and as a result why didn't she look at the classified intel that she had access to? why wasn't her and not hillary out in front initially? >> hillary clinton was fairly quiet in the days after this. why wasn't hillary clinton up on capitol hill or on those sunday shows. there is lot. we still don't know a lot of answers. mike rogers has defended the intelligence community. there are a lot of questions ongoing investigations but it will be fascinating to see if obama goes forward and decides to nominate rice. >> there is a john mccain and lindsay graham, they have threatened to block her possible nomination.
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mccain called her comments not very bright. as result he and others are accused of being racist. is questioning her qualifications specifically following her benghazi statements, do you think that is racist? >> democrats have been certainly suggesting that. of course republicans say that is ridiculous. you look at graham and mccain who have been constant critics of the obama administration but you look at center, susan collins who has strongly supported rice in her lowell as u.n. ambassador praised her at her initial confirmation hearing. collins is saying that rice has to answer the question or she won't vote for her. that is major problem for the administration. i think it's a good move by rice she is trying to dial it down. she is willing to meet mccain. the temperature has to come down a little bit in order for her to possibly be nominated.
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if at this level it will be tough. >> heather: should she still be nominated? >> i think it will be very close to get the votes she needs. if the new congress, they will need five republican votes. it will be tough to get five republicans and very close. could they pick up o of a few? yes, but that is assuming if all the democrats will vote for her death. >> bob, we appreciate. >>. >> gregg: an explosion that ripped through a building damaging several other homes. what police now say is a real miracle. >> heather: and pope benedict xvi crowning new princes of catholic church. what is striking about these six what they are not. >> gregg: let's take a look live at hollywood, california, the hollywood walk of fame where tributes are pouring in for a
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man millions of us watched every week. some of them knew him as j.r. ewing, larry hagman being remembered today. >> hi, there j.r. >> how are you self, honey. >> yeah. >> you think i am like sue ellen most people don't. >> there is a resemblance. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. check on the headlines, hector machelevian oh camacho has died. he had been unconscious since being shot in the face on thursday. massachusetts building inspectors saying damage from a strip club. evacuations after someone reported smelling gas. >> one of f.b.i.'s most wanted behind bars. police capturing an accused murder suspect in mexico on thursday.
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>> to support you and build you up to stardom. >> and in return? >> i get 25% of your earnings from all sources and the exclusive use of your services for as long as you want. >> 10%. >> done. ♪ >> heather: that is larry hagmarn in his best known role on dallas. tributes are pouring in after word of his death. at the age of 81, familiar face, he just recently returned to prime time. dominic is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: yes, he died due to complications with battle
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against cancer. he played the meanest man on television. take a listen. >> he was charismatic. he was charming. that evil side, that side that constantly went on. >> he became the character he portrayed on his show and he was definitely the mass the terrify. >> he was on it again when they redid it. he was 81. he worked for most of it. pretty amazing. >> reporter: they shared a deep sadness including lynde dra gray. she said he brought joy to everyone he knew and he was creative and talented. off screen there were true friends for life and she was with him the last moments of his life. patrick duffy said, he was
1:20 pm
fighter in the gentlest way for his friends. he was campaigning against smoking. he first reached stardom on nbc comedy, i dream of jeanie. barbara eden said she was too grief comment to make a comment. in a statement described his texas tornado, i can honestly say not lost just a great actor but great television icon but an element of pure americana. >> gregg: the famous episode who shot j.r. was watched, i read this morning, worldwide, some 350 million people tuned in to find out the answer who shot
1:21 pm
j.r.. >> heather: who shot him? >> it was his sister-in-law whom he had an affair. he had a baby together. she shot him. >> heather: hence the definition of a nighttime soap opera. >> gregg: i remember i dream of jeanie back in the '60s. >> heather: he will be missed. coming up. >> gregg: pope benedict xvi elevated ago new group of cardinals, all six outstanding called leaders but what most strikingly go about them is what they are not. >> the threat from iran continues. a look what else can be learned from this latest con fliblg. >> gregg: the white house reacting to the unrest in egypt. president obama's in message to president morsi coming up in a live report. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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>> heather: welcome back. looking at tahrir square. a tense hard-core demonstrators growing at this hour. demonstrators clashing with riot police in the fog of tear gas. demanding that president morri revoke a decree granting himself near absolute power as there are new questions about the timing of in this. >> molly: the obama administration says egypt has a, quote, constitutional vacuum and needs to figure out big governmental issues of checks and balances and rule of law, quote, through democratic dialogue. the president's opponent john mccain who will object fox news was a bit more direct today mentioning mohammed morsi saying
1:27 pm
that president morsi should renounce his power grab before things get out of hand hash tag egypt. president obama who spent part of his day promoting small business saturday at a bookstore in virginia spoke to morsi on wednesday to thank him for his personal leadership in negotiating a cease-fire between israel and hamas. now one u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says morsi is taking advantage of his part in that cease-fire. >> he didn't waited but one day before moving here. so whether he had a wink and nod from president obama or whether he simply felt emboldened in the wake of cease-fire to believe the u.s. really wouldn't criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think we'll have to find out here in the next few days. the timing is not coincidental. >> molly: now there are protests
1:28 pm
and counter protests on his his decision to fire the nation's top prosecutor. the state department says the moves, quote, raise concerns for many egyptians adds and for the international community. one of aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power wouldn't be overly concentrated in any one institution but the statement did not mention morsi by name. >> gregg: the fragile cease-fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding with both sides declaring victory but the threat of a conflict between israel and iran is still looming large. world watched as israel's iron dome defense system protected lives and property by intercepting 421 rockets from gaza, that is 84% success rate.
1:29 pm
what did they learn from this latest conflict. let's talk about that with a lieutenant general, great to see you. if israel launches a tactical strike to take out iran's nuclear sites, they can expect retaliation not just from iran but two other countries, talk to us about that. >> they are going to get strikes from gaza as hamas did just recently in this eight-day conflict but they didn't get anything out of lebanon like they did four years ago. that is what they've got to be very fearful of, upwards of 50,000 missiles in lebanon that could rain down on israel at the same time coming from gaza. they could expect an attack on iran they would get missiles from both leojsz in addition to iran. they gained a lot of experience in this exercise far more so
1:30 pm
than when i was over there four years when they had an operation. they had nothing to stop the missles coming in. now from what i understand hezbollah and lebanon have armed themselves with far more advanced weapons but the israelis have to be concerned about their bases and airfields. >> absolutely. because the airfields will be attacked simultaneously with attacks on civilian population. they are going to be trying to generate sorties toward iran, not towards lebanon and gaza. >> gregg: what about preparations for moving ground forces into both gaza, maybe to some extent on the west bank, but into lebanon? >> i think they are going to have to do both when they attack
1:31 pm
iran's nuclear sites because the air power will be in that direction. that will be the air campaign. the ground campaign has to be in lebanon and gaza in that priority and simultaneously to take out those key launching is sites. >> gregg: during the eight day conflict between hamas and gaza and israeli defense forces, how good was the intel and to what extent were they in degrading the missile systems in gaza? >> it was superb. many of the targets they hit. when you saw the video that you saw on television they got huge secondary explosions that meant the targeting was spot on. the way they did it, they kept it in a very tight area so they didn't have nearly as much as
1:32 pm
collateral damage as they did four years ago. they improved greatly and it's because of of their intelligence. they get great credit for that. >> gregg: the conflict between hamas in gaza and the israelis appears to be quite cyclical. there is a pause and then it's breached generally by hamas firing rockets into israel. then there is a military escalation. there is an exchange and then a cooling-off period and another cease-fire. i talked to dan gillerman, well known ambassador in israel. he said the only way it will end is stamp out hamas. can that really be done? >> first of all i agree with the ambassador. i think he is spot on. with the ideology they have that calls for the destruction of israel the only way you are going to defeat them is actually get them on the ground. now that is going to be very
1:33 pm
challenging because a lot of them have a backdoor to go into egypt. with president morsi being a muslim brotherhood, he is supporting them, although he played a key role in this truce. the fact is to stop this from happening they are going to have to destroy hamas. >> gregg: hamas will rearm with iranian made rockets and other weapons that are smuggled in through gaza through sudan and egypt. egypt says, of course, and did just several days -- we'll that i can sure they don't rearm. you don't believe that, do you? >> not at all. egypt has been letting them come through the corridor and their part of the problem. when we had mubarek there, he was pretty good about cutting the flow of weapons. that is one of new challenges that the israelis and united states has in stopping this
1:34 pm
continued growth of hamas and aggressiveness. it's a big challenge. i don't have an answer. until egypt weighs in and tries to stop it, it's going to continue. >> gregg: can the united states, because we give egypt $1.5 billion in aid each year, exercise influence to force egypt to capitulate? >> we better. if we don't it's going to get works. that is our best bargaining chip. that is an excellent point. that is our best bargaining chip. >> did benjamin netanyahu, who by the way up for reelection, make a mistake by some of his critics claim by not under taking a ground invasion in gaza to really go after hamas and weapons? >> i don't think he did it this time. he is very precarious position.
1:35 pm
he has an election coming up. he has continued growth of nuclear capabilities in iran that he has put focus on. he has got his eye on the top prize. he is not going to be pulled off his desire to stop the nuclear armament by iran by a second target in gaza. >> gregg: lieutenant general, it's good to see you. thank you. >> heather: pope benedict xvi presiding over a very special ceremony to elevate 6 new cardinals. this group is much more diverse. made up entirely of non-europeans including one american. the pope says that his new selection completes the elite group that will choose his successor. lauren green has more details. >> reporter: you know two very important observations, you just said about the new members they
1:36 pm
are relatively young and native european or italian but the group is heavily weighted weighted with both. it was at a ceremony in rome. they hail from india, nigeria and united states. pope is expanding the hierarchy where the church itself is growing. >> it's really quite striking the range from asia to africa to latin america, the number of people that he is bringing into the college of cardinals now. i would see it more in positive terms. i don't think it is a walking away from europe. he definitely appointed a lot of europeans several months ago. this is making the balance. >> reporter: and less than a year after the previous one and they say the pope is eager to
1:37 pm
keep the number of cardinals at the required 120 who are under the age of 80 and eligible to choose his successor. god only knows when that will be. >> we have no indication that the pope is anything but good health but at the same time 85 is 85. he clearly wants the college of cardinals to be at full staff going forward. >> there is a bit have controversy about the lone american. archbishop james michael harvey has been in charge of the papal household for several years and direct superior of the pope's former butler who is new jailed for stealing. they is seem by some vatican insiders away from the pope's inner circle. >> heather: lauren green reporting. >> gregg: a new report examines homeland security and suggests
1:38 pm
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>> heather: today is small business saturday. even president obama taking parted, taking his daughters to an independent bookstore in arlington, virginia today. this is why, small businesses are so important to our nation's economy. take a look at these numbers. according to the u.s. small business administration, they represented 99.7% of all employer firms and employ half of all private sector employees.
1:43 pm
what does it tell us about america's economic future. gary is president of coltbaum capital management. thanks for joining us. so this is about main street, not wall street. you heard i said about small business saturday. can this help small businesses from ending 2012 in the red? >> any concerted effort to put small business front and center is huge. small business has had it rough. access to capital has not been easy. we had a toughmy. even though they are fighting the big businesses, you see the videos of people standing in line walmart. you are not hearing about people standing in line at uncle bob's flower shop. it's the driver and engine of all business going forward. >> heather: in terms of new jobs
1:44 pm
added by small businesses, this is another great statistic when you take a look at importance of these small neighborhood community businesses. small firms, they account for 65% or 9.8 million of the 15 million net new jobs that are created. so we're talking about creating new jobs when you are going out shopping in these stores? >> of course. 50% of all workers is small business. it's been the engine of growth throughout the united states. if we can get them off the ground and get capital flowing again and feeling confident again, they are at the create more stores and then we get into a cycle. i don't know if today is really meaningful overall but the fact we're talking about and many other people and president was out talking about it small business, that is good news and hopefully it continues.
1:45 pm
>> perhaps something that making this day more important for these small businesses are the tax hikes and the tax increases that they are facing come the end of the year. a tax increase for top net income earners, from 35 to 39.6% in 2013. for all intents and purposes that involves small business owners? >> it's a lot of them. there is a fight going on. the left saying it will not affect small business too much. the right is saying it will. there is a lot of politics going on. my only question is how taking money out of anybody to put into washington, d.c. which is has been very ineffective with our capital is going to help -- i don't get it. somebody runs a small business and make a few hundred thousand a year to tell them you are going to pay $15-20,000 a year plus obamacare, i on don't think that is good news.
1:46 pm
i wish they had a better idea. elections have consequences. i gather taxes are going up. >> heather: according to ernest & young they are projecting that that tax rate will kill 710,000 small business jobs. people, individuals support businesses help that? >> yes, it's going to help. look, there is a reality. dollars do speak when all said and done. businesses are not just businesses they are people. they are making decisions based on their bottom line. when you are small, a few thousand dollars could mean an extra employee or not. i know some people say that is not true. i would like them to put themselves in their shoe. >> heather: so every dollar counts. get out there and supported small businesses. happy thanksgiving. >> gregg: president obama and house speaker john beern is set
1:47 pm
to meet again to try to, boehner to s try to avoid spending cuts. how close are they to striking a deal. >> heather: a live look at tahrir square a day after morsi granted himself near absolute power that led to this. [ speaking arabic ] now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating
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>>. >> gregg: the world watching a pivotal moment for the middle east. mohammed morsi declaring his word is above the rule of law. starting a ferocious reaction from a whole lot of egyptians as we look back to the two years that put him in power, is egypt better off? ambassador is former ambassador to the united nations for special political affairs, are they better or worse now? >> they are in a process. president morsi's move was clearly an overreach. where they are now is negotiating a constitution. what opponents of morsi will say
1:52 pm
in shaping this constitution they will put in to place into effect a permanent of dominance for the muslim brotherhood. that is why they are so up in arms because they fought against mubarek for many years. >> gregg: isn't that what is happening here. he has usurped all power, he has pronounced these untouchables and new fair oh of egypt and they are calling him. tens of thousands have taken the street to denounce morsi and burning the offices of muslim brotherhood in two cities. where do you see this going, ambassador? >> there was broad support for mubarek after and many people in the streets of cairo and egypt think that the former regime got off lightly. with that said, i think there is a widespread ceiling they are
1:53 pm
entering a new phase in which the fundamental institutions and democratic protections are in jeopardy. that is why morsi needs to step forward in any new constitution these checks and balances that are so important need to be maintained and there isn't going to be a continuation. >> gregg: i am wondering if he is going to the opposite direction. could it be the goal of the muslim brotherhood and morsi to turn egypt into a repressive state governed by sharea law and maybe this is the first step? >> it's certain lay long term goal. the question is in the short term with morsi with his new found standing on the international stage. if he is smart, he is going to play again this for the consolidation of his power but not overstep his bounds. the important thing is to look at the constitution and look what is in there and to make
1:54 pm
sure that minority parties and secular parties and democratic principles are protected. >> gregg: do they stand a chance in the opposition of lawyers and other groups, do they stand a chance of stopping the muslim brotherhood especially if their goal is strict sharea law? >> they have to engage and make sure that this doesn't cross the line. i think that people are watching closely. as you can see from the streets of care row they been on the take it standing down. >> gregg: the timing of this would be embarrassing for obama after one day was heaping price on morsi for mediating the israeli-hamas cease-fire. instead of silence, should president obama now condemn this in the strongest of terms and
1:55 pm
maybe threatened to threatened to withhold billions of aids also morsi recants? >> i think you'll have to see coming down of his position this won't be a wholesale power grab. the administration will be watching closely. up to now they have been muted on it. i think they will have to as senator mccain they will have to take a harder line. this is a process unfolding. it's about the constitution. that will be critical. >> gregg: senator john mccain sent out a tweet. president morsi should renounce his power grab before things get out of hand. one of thing that mccain can do is rip up the purse strings, egypt will get almost $10 billion from the imf and united states. we could whole the money? >> the imf money has been agreed upon i think for some $4.5
1:56 pm
billion and u.s. assistance is under congressional authority. a lot of that goes to the military. i think the military has had a long relationship with the united states and it will be interesting to see what they feel about these changes, as well. >> the military and ministry of interior is the only thing that morsi hasn't taken over yet. thank you very much for being here. >> heather: coming up teachers groups say bobby jindal's plans to use tax dollars to send kids to private schools is unconstitutional. legal battle over school vouchers in louisiana is just ahead. stay with us. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no!
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>> hello, everyone, i'm heather childers, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. and one of the top governors fighting for the controversial school voucher program. it's headed to court and the outcome could have a ripple effect all over the country. our legal panel weighs in. >> heather: and small business saturday, part of the country that really needs it. the region hit hard by super storm sandy. we will have a live report. >> gregg: and saying goodbye to a television icon. we look back at a man america
2:01 pm
loved as good guy and hero for six decades, from "i dream of jeanie" to the reboot of "dallas". we remember larry hagman. >> heather: but first, a fox news alert on our top story, thousands of protesters taking to the streets of egypt. rallying against a sweeping power grab by president morsi, this is a live look at tahrir square and the judges are being called on to walk off the job. the protest against the egyptian president. steve harrigan is streaming live from cairo, egypt. so, steve, how serious a challenge are the judges to morsi and his decree? >> heather, i think this move by the chief justices here in cairo and other judges across o challenge to president morsi, basically they're saying they will not go back to work, no prosecution is going on across
2:02 pm
much of the country until those decrees issued by the president, giving him power that can't be challenged by the courts, are overturned. keep in mind that others could follow the judges in this action, and already three aides to president morsi have resigned over his power grabbing decree, this could be the start of something bigger in the government, heather. >> and the number of protesters, they appear to be down in the square somewhat. is the protest beginning to fade? >> i think it's too early to talk about a fading protest. of course, numbers were huge on friday after friday prayers, upwards of 40,000 people in the square. down today, but there are major marches planned in the days ahead. sunday after morning prayers and then again tuesday. both sides calling out their supporters, those who support the president and those who think they're trying to become a dictator. it's really going to be a basic test of will, which sides can get more people out on the streets and how calm or
2:03 pm
violent will these protests be? >> steve harrigan live. thank you, steve. >> gregg: the truce with hamas seems to be holding. militants in the gaza strip were firing about the same amount of rockets into israel during the the eight day conflict, killing dozens wounding hundreds on both sides. with the relative return to normal, tens of thousands of children in gaza are going back to school. later in the newscast we'll get the latest on the cease-fire and a report from connor powell in jerusalem. the white house is keeping a close eye on the clashes after mohammed morsi gave himself sweeping new powers, all of it days after the obama administration praised him for his role in brokering the mideast cease-fire. molly henneberg at the white house.
2:04 pm
i suppose it's no coincidence on morsi's timing here. >> middle east say no president morsi was riding high on the world stage after helping to negotiate the cease-fire between hamas and gaza and made a move to consolidate power in egypt. here is more on that. >> so, now washington has to make a choice, are we going to put more pressure on morsi, but if we do so he may not work with us, instead rising the gaza peace. so it's going to be difficult for the administration to deal with. >> reporter: the state department says morsi's move, quote, raises concerns for many egyptians and for the international community, gregg. >> gregg: molly, what will the president obama administration do? are we getting any hints here? >> so far the obama administration is not calling out morsi directly. president obama, who spent part of his day today, promoting small business saturday at a bookstore in virginia, spoke to president morsi to thank him for his
2:05 pm
quote, personal leadership and handling the cease-fire. days later after the power grab, the department said in a statement, quote, the current constitutional vacuum in egypt could only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that includes checks and balances and respect fundamental freedoms, individual rights and the rules of law consistent with egypt international commitment. and the state goes on to say we a call for all to resolve issues peacefully and through democratic dialog. gregg, no mention of morsi by name in that statement. >> gregg: very interesting, all right. molly henneberg in washington, thank you. heather. >> heather: well, a flash fire at the u.s. state department sends four people to the hospital. officials are now investigating the cause of the fire which has since been put out. the amount of damage done to the building is not yet known. d.c. police though do not suspect any foul play. >> gregg: as we just saw in molly henneberg's report, president obama getting into the holiday spirit doing a
2:06 pm
little christmas shopping on small business saturday. mr. obama and the first daughters, malia and sasha shopping at an independent bookstore in arlington, virginia, and the president kind of keeping his list top secret. maybe something there for first lady michelle obama. i would-- >> maybe. and you were shopping with your two young girls. >> gregg: a little yesterday. >> heather: very similar. the president at just one of the small businesses around the u.s., hoping to see a jump in holiday sales, mom and pop shops promoting big discounts, urging customers to buy local, after the destruction caused by super storm sandy, small business owners in the new york city area may need a holiday spark. anna kooiman is live on babylon, long island and providing a spark, hello, anna. >> reporter: hello, everybody, and today is small business saturday and it's a difference this year because of super storm sandy, the
2:07 pm
northeast is reeling and the owner of rumors gift shop in long island says sandy couldn't have hit at a worst time. she depends on a percent many her sales the last through months of the year, but she's happy that her vendors are allowing her to delay payment. >> i was in tears, actually, over that, because i was a scared. i don't want to lose my credit, my good name, my good reputation so they're sticking by me. >> this business is like your child, isn't it? >> this is my other home. >> and well, from staten island to long island, local businesses are urging customers to give back to their local communities and help provide neighborhoods devastated by the storm. last year on small business saturday, an estimated 100 million people participated in the growing annual event. the economic impact of sandy has been estimated by moody's analytics in the 50 billion
2:08 pm
dollar range and some is from the lost economic activity and airlines canceling flights and casinos not being able to take bets. the u.s. small business administration is making loans are up to 2 million dollars available to companies trying to get their heads above water. >> we've been on the ground for weeks now and working closely with families to help them get back on their feet as quickly as they can. >> reporter: and regardless of the hit in sales, many of these small businesses took around the region, heather, amazingly, many are taking a portion of their profits earned today on small business saturday and giving them back to sandy relief effort. >> still providing help. thank you so much, anna, appreciate it. >> a heartless crime striking hard hit victims is super storm sandy and fire and flooding damage in the breezy point section of new york city, looted over thanksgiving. and one couple had a $25,000 coin collection along with jewelry and watches stolen.
2:09 pm
the break-ins happening wednesday or thursday when many people were away to celebrate a holiday. >> heather: dozens of building inspectors are in springfield, massachusetts right now assessing the damage from a massive natural gas explosion that happened there. the blast injured 18 people, most of them first responders. and police received reports of a gas leak and evacuated downtown springfield about an hour before the explosion. the blast destroyed several buildings, blew out windows for blocks all around it. >> well, he played a scheming oil tycoon and a cheating husband, but television audiences held their breath when somebody shot jr. actor larry hagman has died. he made jr ewing from tv's smash hit "dallas" a household name. before the actor drilled for oil in texas he fell in love with a jeanie in a bottle. dominic di-natale is live in los angeles with more.
2:10 pm
>> reporter: hey, and larry hagman, in the height of his dallas career, believed to be the most famous actor in the world and his charismatic portrayal of the smirking dark jr ewing and launched them into stratospheric fame. >> charismatic, you know, and charming, but that evil side, that macavelian plotting that constantly went on. >> and he just became the character he portrayed on the show and he was definitely the master. >> when they redid dallas, he was on it again, what a career, 80 some years, he was 81, yes, he worked for most of it. pretty amazing. >> hagman died in a hospital in dallas, texas friday afternoon and it was due to complications from his battle with cancer says his family. and his final moments were not just his relatives, but his long time friend linda gray
2:11 pm
who played his on-screen wife sue ellen, she says he brought joy to everyone he new, generous, funny and talented and she was going to miss him enormously. >> and his role as tony nelson on "i dream of jeanie" andlators in the his career, he took serious roles in oliver stone's "nixon" and "primary colors" he's been working on the second series or had been latest for tnt due to air in january. so word yet, gregg, from the network how the series will deal with hagman. the series was almost built around a character jr. hard to imagine where they go from here. >> gregg: dominic, thank you very much. it put dallas on the map as a city and glamourized the wealth you know, the cowboys and cattlemen and oil riches
2:12 pm
and so forth. >> heather: and people still associate dallas to this day. >> gregg: sure, just the name dallas, you don't always think of the city, you think of the tv show and jr ewing. >> heather: and the big belt buckles. a shocking report. is the obama administration putting the u.s. in danger by refusing to identify enemies of the state as terrorists. >> gregg: and we are approaching, like it or not, the fiscal cliff. huge spending cuts and tax hikes, but president obama wants to raise taxes on rich americans. how about sitting with voters? instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem. now let's focus on tax reform that closes special interest loopholes and lowers tax rates. you know what? and it won't kill the country if we raises taxes on millionaires a little bit. it really won't. i don't think.
2:13 pm
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♪ >> welcome back, time for a quick check of the headlines, pope benedict xvi presiding over the ceremony today. to elevate six new cardinals. the group is significant in that it is made up entirely of noneuropeans including one
2:17 pm
american. the body of former palestinian leader yasser arafat will be exhumed to determine if he was poisoned when he died back in 2004. the detection of radioactive substances found on his clothes is reopening the investigation. and former championship boxer hector matcho commachoo died this morning at a hospital in puerto rico, unconscious since being shot in the face on thursday and the boxer's mother making the decision to take him off life support. >> the time is running out for the president and congress to avoid falling off that so-called fiscal cliff which would mean mandatory spending cuts, tax hikes for nearly all americans come january 1. president obama wants to raise tax rates on the top 2 or 3% income earners by letting the bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 a year, and take a look at this. the post election rasmussen poll find that americans are
2:18 pm
roughly split on that idea. 43% favor. 41 oppose it, 15 not sure. joining us now christine with the spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean and also president new communications, joins us, former republican manager and aid to the house leadership. christy, let me start with you. look at his news conference, you remember this, the president makes this big claim that a majority of americans, in fact, he said more than voted for him support his idea to raise taxes on incomes above 250. but that poll we just showed, just aired shows that's not true. they're split. his idea doesn't even have close to the support he claims, agreed? >> disagree, no. with all due respect to mr. rasmussen. >> there's the poll, does that look like-- >> polls said a lot of different things, gregg and what most polling at that asks people about the bush tax cuts show resoundingly they're in favor of ending them for the
2:19 pm
wealthiest americans. >> gregg: name one poll. >> there's a pew poll from october shows two-thirds of americans. >> gregg: pow? >> pow that's the poll. >> gregg: it's a little biased wouldn't it. >> i would believe that rasmussen is the only poll that called obama-- called the election at that there was going to be a huge romney win, he was not exactly right on that one, gregg. >> gregg: that's true. >> so, most polling is going to show that americans are in favor of the bush tax cuts. >> gregg: trei, two-thirds of those, and want tax hikes and spending cuts to reduce the deficit. and one fourth want spending cuts only. 68%. there are the numbers on your screen. doesn't that number, 68%, mean that it's politically perilous for your party, republicans, to oppose raising taxes on the top 2 or 3%? >> well, no, they -- it's got to be part of the equation and i think that speaker boehner made that clear, but gregg,
2:20 pm
let me first start by saying i happen to care very much about the 43% inpoll, but it doesn't erase -- it doesn't erase the fact that a majority of them do not pay taxes and it also doesn't erase the fact that most people support tax increases on other people as opposed to themselves, but i think the american people are a little tired of polls. the election is over, talking points should be over, and it requires compromise to solve problems in this town, something that's been lacking for years. by both sides of the aisle. and so, the issues you're talking about in terms of the specifics, whether it's the tax rates or these deductions, it just cannot be across the board. there are unintended consequences, to be getting rid of deductions, deductions that small business owners count on. deduction that is people who are putting money back in the economy count on from a real estate investment standpoint and charitable donations as well. >> put a cap on it, which wouldn't eliminate deductions, only limit the overall amount
2:21 pm
you deduct. but, christy. >> yes. >> that poll we showed, 68% i just showed trey. >> right. >> the deal on raising taxes has to include spending cuts, shouldn't the president endorse the plan put forth by his own debt commission, simpson bowles, of having a 3-1 ratio of spending cuts for revenue increases? >> well, look, i agree. i think most americans are reasonable and they support a balanced approach that does include both tax in. >> gregg: how about a 3-1 ratio. >> i agree with that 68%, i would consider myself one of them. what they want are smart cuts. they don't want to cut popular programs like medicare, social security, paid into all of our lives-- >> and the debt, don't they have to be reformed or modified? >> i think the john boehner and mitch mcconnell are going to have a tough sell in front of the american people and a reason why paul ryan was a pretty unpopular vice-presidential candidate. people do not want to cut
2:22 pm
those programs. >> gregg: and during the 2008 presidential debate, the president promised and i looked it up and double-checked it today, he promised that he would have entitlement reform accomplished and put forth by the end of his first term. hasn't done it. why not? >> well, i think we need to talk about smart cuts first, and what that means is getting rid of waste and fraud and abuse. it means getting rid of these things. >> gregg: he's breaking his promise, isn't he? >> i don't know that that's right. i think when we talked. >> gregg: i watched the debate today, they had a clip. >> sure. >> gregg: of it on youtube, you can take a look at it. and there are 258 americans signed onto the grover norquist pledge never to quote for a tax hike, closing tax loopholes. speaker boehner says i'm willing to break it and do the latter on deductions and exemptions and saxby chambliss the senator said it's time to ditch grover and his pledge, is it? >> all bets are off. i mean, listen, we're in a
2:23 pm
mess and all bets are off and we shouldn't be held to political organizations that are influencing our elections in terms of getting this mess taken care of, but you know, listen, i have a novel idea for the president. why doesn't he public size an itemized list of his spending cuts he's prepared to put on the table before asking american people to pay taxes. i mean, it's simple. when you have a credit card debt and you don't ask other people to pay for it or you don't borrow money to pay the interest on it, you make hard choices on your discretionary spending from a weekly basis or a monthly basis, this is just a business that's been run poorly and it's-- >> would you agree the president doesn't have a terribly good track record when it comes for proposals for budgets and cuts? the last proposal he submitted to congress not a single member in either the house or the senate, not even his own party voted for it. >> gregg, as you know, that was on a procedural matter
2:24 pm
that has nothing to do with the substance of the bill. >> gregg: are you kidding? >> when the-- yes, the president has presented an extremely balanced sensible approach. the kind of cuts the democrats want to make are things like getting rid of funding, military planes we haven't used in 30 years because they're outdated and democrats want to do things like get rid of those tax breaks for the wealthiest 2%, which, by the way we're talking about people who make over $250,000 a year. it's almost no one. and really sensible approaches. >> gregg: and trey, last question to you, you heard the clip in our intro, bill kristol, a conservative. really, the republican party is going to fall on the swords and half of whom voted democrat and half of whom live in hollywood. is he right? >> no, it has to be a balance. i think the republicans are prepared to take -- to take on tax revenues here, but at the same time, let's not take the baby out with the bath water here, let's not, let's not
2:25 pm
take people -- take confidence out of people from investing back into the economy and real estate and take people away from making charitable donations, it's a mess and it's going to require a balance and the president did not get a mandate and require both people working together. >> gregg: and christy, and i gave each of you an equally hard time. you bet. and good to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you, gregg. >> heather: good debate. well, a bombshell report showing that the obama administration is refusing to identify enemies of the state as terrorists. and u.s. government and accountability office investigating both the homeland security department and the justice department. peter doocy has this report in washington. >> the department of justice has not even identified what topic should be covered in their countering violent extremism or cve training despite the fact a report from
2:26 pm
the accountability office from 210 violent islamic extremists are known to radicalize in america and 80% began since 9-11. and representative susan collins says the administration of the identification of 2009 shooting at fort hood said it was workplace violence, they're not properly learning who they should be on the lookout for. >> in order for the press to counter this threat to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country. we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it in order to counter it. >> the gao report says plainly that misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization to violence can harm security by sending low he cal stake holders in the
2:27 pm
wrong direction and unnecessarily creating tensions with potential community partners, but there is a bright spot in the gao report. the homeland security department is known as effectively identifying to their partners the elements that training on countering violent extremism programs should cover. heather? >> and that's peter doocy reporting in washington. >> egypt crippled by a new wave of violence after the latest power grab. so, what's next for egypt in its relationship for the u.s.? the legal challenge, louisiana governor bobby jindal's program to fund private school vouchers. is that constitutional? we'll take a closer look. than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great.
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♪ >> it is the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news.
2:32 pm
buildi building inspectors on the scene in massachusetts, examining the damage from a massive gas explosion, and destroying dozens of buildings. >> gregg: police nabbing one of the fbi's ten most wanted. joe signs was busted in gardhara, mexico and is now back in l.a. accused in a string of gang rethe lated murders. and a day of violent clashes in egypt after president morsi's power grab. egyptians rioted after morsi gave himself new powers, side lining the country's judges. >> gregg: and tens of thousands of children in the gaza strip now returning to school as the fragile cease-fire between hamas and israel appears to be holding. this as families on both sides of the borders continue picking up the pieces. connor powell is reporting in jerusalem. just two days ago it appeared that israel and hamas were on the brink of a full on war, but the cease-fire continues to hold and there are
2:33 pm
encouraging signs that life is returning to normal here in the holy land. israeli children returned to school yesterday, and now, markets and shops are reopening, now that the threat of rockets has ended in today's palestinian children and in gaza also returned for school. as the cleanup there begins. no doubt there are still channels, but so far, both sides seem willing to continue the cease-fire, part of the agreement calls for an easing of the blockade around gaza, it's not exactly clear what that means, but we have seen some evidence that the palestinian fishermen in gaza are now being allowed to fish off the coast, something they were not able to do previously when the restrictions were in place. and gone are the massive amounts of israeli troops from the border, instead it's now just small groups of hamas and israeli soldiers patrolling the border. no doubt the cease-fire will be tested in the coming days and weeks and months ahead, but both israel and hamas are sending envoys to egypt to
2:34 pm
continue building on the small amount of progress that's already been achieved. gregg? >> connor powell in jerusalem. thanks. violent protests across egypt after president mohamed morsi gave himself sweeping power and away from egyptian courts. and many egyptians feel they feel they replaced one di dictator with mubarak with morsi. and let's bring in fox's national security analyst kt mcfarland. kt, is it deja vu over again? and we sat here last year and mubarak overthrown and saying it's a pharaoh, and morsi declared the new pharaoh himself? >> yeah, you talked about this a year ago during the arab
2:35 pm
spring and i said this is a three-act play and revolutions are always three-act plays, and act one get red of the dictator and act two it's the rebel's turn to govern and often not very good at it and the pro democracy rebels who got rid of the dictators they themselves are often swept away and that's act three. that's where we are right now in egypt with a new dictator. yeah? >> i'm sorry to interrupt you and i wanted to ask you also, and probably getting ready to go into this. and as we take a live look at tahrir square, the judges are called on to walk offer the job in protest against morsi, you also have the opposition leader mohammed el baradei says that it's not possible unless morsi rescinds the powers he's given himself. are those the things that morsi wants to happen. a lot of judges were appointed by mubarak and he would want them out and does he really
2:36 pm
need to negotiate or have any dialog with the opposition? does he want that? >> no, he doesn't. and here, this is the final piece in the entire mosaic, and morsi being a complete pharaoh, a dictator. the first thing he and the muslim brotherhood got was a the parliament. now, a muslim brotherhood controlled parliament. then the presidency and next the independent army and military. and morsi got rid of the top generals appointed by mubarak and put in his own guys, the muslim brotherhood generals. and the next step was the independent press, state-owned press and media now has been replaced with muslim brotherhood advocates. now the final step is that independent judiciary, they have now said, well, you can't take us out and morsi says, forget it we're not going to play by your rules, your rules won't even apply to us. so, there's a final step in the progress.
2:37 pm
now, what's the end of this? they want to have a new constitution which really does create sharia law and creates an islamist state along the line of the most islamist states in the regions and we've been snookered, 18 months ago a pro u.s. dictator, albeit, but a pro u.s. dictator and peace and now months later, islamist country, muslim brotherhood, and threatens the entire region. >> heather: what do we do now. the financial card hold the backing to egypt? >> the one card we hold. egypt is the largest importer of wheat. they cannot feed their people unless they import wheat and don't have the money. they run a shortfall. a billion and a half a month if they don't get that brought in by somebody, whether it's a loan or a gift or some kind of assistance, then the egyptian people really are hungry and they're cold and they don't
2:38 pm
have cooking fuel. and so, that's the big lever we have. not only the aid that we give them, but coordinate that others give them and i think it's time that we really should tell them we want something for that money. >> heather: and i didn't get a chance to ask you about this, but i spoke with ambassador john bolton earlier today about the timing all this and he says absolutely no could he he incidence, i have a feeling you would agree. thank you. >> and brokered the peace? >> exactly one taye later. thank you. >> gregg: one of the busiest shopping days of the year and with 147 million people out shopping this holiday weekend and they're all here in front of our studios, we'll tell you why many americans say they are now feeling more optimistic about the economy. >> heather: they are right outside our doors. plus, one governor's controversial new school plan may be headed for the supreme court. does his-- or do his opponents have a case? ? >> i think that probably has some constitutional problems
2:39 pm
because to fund public education and whether or not he uses vouchers or not, it it's-- [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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2:43 pm
>> the battle over school vouchers is now headed to court in louisiana this week. governor bobby jindal says they help kids in his state, suck where failing schools get a better education. teachers boards argue the opposite and say that jindal's program is unconstitutional. let's bring in a couple of attorneys, ladies first. rachel, one of the claims here is that these vouchers violate the first amendment, religious establishment clause of the united states constitution. do they?
2:44 pm
>> actually, i don't think that they do and while initially on their face they seem to, the supreme court in recent years made very clear that you're not guaranteed an establishment argument just because you might be funding a religious enterprise. what you need to show is that it promotes a religion or supports a particular religion which these pieces don't do and it was very clear in sellman and the supreme court has stopped taking on these cases and clearly established in 2002 that no, parental private choice is protected and this does not violate. >> gregg: when you saw the supreme court taking the case or not. and the issue here has been, just to be clear, that, you know, some of the vouchers go to schools that are religious and therefore you're violating the first amendment, but now what, david? there's something else here beyond the first amendment. isn't there an equal protection alleged violation here? what do you think? >> absolutely, gregg.
2:45 pm
you know, in governor jindal's louisiana they have a ranking, ab, c, d, e, and f. only the children from those at e and f, the children of those schools are able to get the program. and it discriminates against the other children no question, violating that. and gregg, back to the other subject, 85% of private schools now are now religious in nature. so, this is a very different argument that took place in the 60's, '70s and '80s, a strong establishment clause right now and also create discrimination and it segregates kids into different religious sects because the schools are different religions. >> gregg: rachel, what do you think of that. >> the equal protection has more teeth. the establishment clause, the supreme court made clear how they feel about that, but the equal protection argument is
2:46 pm
where they might get some hearing on this and that's because, i mean, later cases, school vouchering and privatization of the schools really took off after brown v board of ed was decided and a lot of people decided they didn't want their kid to go to public school anymore because there was going to be a mixture of different races in the public schools and so they started to do these voucher programs, basically shutting down public schools to open up private ones more to their liking and said he no, no, no, you're not allowed to do that and so i think that's going to be the argument that has more teeth here basically you're desegregating our school system by privatetizing. >> gregg: david. >> the parents, all taxpayers are going to have to pay for the private education of these children and public education for many more children and it's arguably, gregg, on top of everything else, an unconstitutional taking under the 14th and 15th amendment. >> i don't agree with that. >> i've got to tell you, and the take--
2:47 pm
the neighbor's kid-- unconstitutional taking of my tax dollars to pay for my neighbor's kid. >> the same amount of money that would otherwise be spent, isn't it? >> no, because the moneys that would otherwise be spent is going to the public school system at large. now you're adding on to that and paying for johnnie next door to go to a catholic school and perhaps mohamed on the other to go to a muslim school. >> gregg: an argument on that, unconstitutional taking, isn't it, rachel? >> i don't necessarily agree with that. it boils down to the parental choice and the money is going to get spent where it gets spent. if you want to accepted your kid to private school, that's a choice to send them to private school and don't necessarily have a free pass to pay taxes for the public school. >> gregg: i think if they made vouchers available to all schools, regardless of the grade that the school gets.
2:48 pm
>> exactly, gregg. >> gregg: and then the arguments-- >> how about pouring money into the public schools and vetting teachers better and-- >> we could spend hours on that one. david, rachel, good to see you both. thank you. >> thank you, have a good one. >> heather: coming up president obama ready to start his second term, but he's now facing some serious economic issues, the looming fiscal cliff and big unemployment numbers. so, do americans think he's doing a good job of running the country? we have the latest polls from scott rasmussen up next.
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>> with president obama looking ahead to a second term. his administration a facing a number of obstacles including the fiscal cliff of course, and high unemployment as well. >> in a poll taken just before thanksgiving, majority of americans are giving the president high marks, 54% of voters approve of the job he's doing, while 45% disapprove. so, let's bring in scott rasmussen, and rasmussen reports. he just won the election. >> he's gotten a bounce, 50% job approval on election day. up 4 points now. 95% of democrats think he's doing, and republican aren't
2:53 pm
impressed. >> 87% disapprove. it's more than just the job approval rating. right now 41% of voters tell us the country is headed in the right direction, about as high as it's been during president obama's time in office. >> you know, scott, there's a big debate on capitol hill and across america, some groups saying, look, what we really need to do is just cut spending. other people saying, no, no, no, we just need to hike taxes and you polled folks on that, what did you find. >> 68%, two out of three said we need a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts. two significant things here, first, 52% of republicans agree with that. so a majority of republicans are saying we may need to include tax revenue in this mix. the other thing, voters by a 2-1 margin say when the mix is put together, we want to see more spending cuts than tax hikes, but we expect that when congress and the president get together they'll agree on more
2:54 pm
tax hikes than spending cuts, so there's a lot of skepticism in this. >> and scott, there's whether or not it's your money or someone else's money, when you're talking your own money how many people are willing to pitch in with more and high taxes. >> if they believe that spending is going to be cut and again, people are skeptical on that, 42% say they'd pay a little more in taxes to help balance the budget and 42% would not and people who earn more are more likely to say they'd kick in extra tax revenue. >> in the news conference, we were talking about this in a political segment a short time ago, the president said a majority of americans, in fact more americans than voted for me agree with my argument that we need to raise tax rates on those making more than $250,000. what did you find when you asked that question. >> when you ask about raising taxes on people who earn more than $250,000 a year. people say yes. if you discuss rates and other
2:55 pm
things, it's trickier. a proposal that we focused on recently whether you should get rid of all tax deductions for people who make more than $250,000 a year and people saying yes, you should. the interesting thing, people in upper income brackets are okay with raising the rates, not okay with losing their deductions. >> gregg: i was talking to christy a short time ago and she said, oh, when i cited your poll, she said, well, scott rasmussen, rasmussen poll is same folks w overwhelmingly predict add romney victory before the election. would you like to straighten the record out. >> we didn't show any candidate ahead for the margin of error for months and we ended up showing governor romney up a single point the day before the election. in fact, we showed president obama ahead in the electoral college going into election day. >> gregg: i thought as much.
2:56 pm
thanks for setting the record straight. >> heather: and we have managed to survive black friday, we've passed it by now and how many people actually participated this year, do you know? >> 15% told us they were going to go shopping on black friday itself. 15% of all americans, the group that amazes me the most though, 11% finished their shopping before thanksgiving, finished. and about 8 million people told us they finished in the period in one week leading up to thanksgiving. so, while i was worrying about my turkey dinner and who was going to win the football games, they were out shopping, who knew? >> scott rasmussen, good to see you. >> heather: and by the way, chapel hill won today. i know that much. >> gregg: a big one. that's going to do it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over the top of the hour. >> we'll see you 5 p.m. eastern, bye. or live to your seat high above the atlantic ocean. it's what drives us to create eco-friendly race tracks,
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